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In the Beginning:

Genesis! Stephen R. Woods was freed from the corporate world following the tragic 9/11 events. As a traveling V.P. of a fortune 500 company, Steve was hungry to stay home and work with real people again. Going back to his roots in computers, he focused on using his God given gifts to just help people who were struggling with computers. In 2003, Tech4Life was born. Throwing out conventional business strategies, Steve was all about helping people before he had invoices or business cards! Acts of service performed with love was the only priority. Steve was sure that if this was kept as the priority, everything he needed would be provided and fall into place in it’s time.

This has proven to be true, beyond comprehension, for Steve, Tech4Life and it’s customers.

Country Doctor Service
Country Doctor Service

Milburn Stone as Galen “Doc” Adams. Born July 5, 1904 (the same day Steve was born…58 years later).

The Growing Years:

This focus became the heart of Tech 4 Life. Customers proved shocked and amazed that someone actually cared and enjoyed spending time to create a relationship, even a friendship as it were. Customers who’s amazing food was more valuable than any money, paid with lunch. As word spread and people referred other people, the business got very, very busy. The temptations of success tried to alter the service and relationship focus. Something was needed as a constant reminder to Steve and to the computer customers of the original intent of Tech 4 Life.

The motto “Country Doctor Service” was born. Embodied in “Doc Adams” from Gunsmoke and the history of the American Country Doctor of years past, became the formal model for Tech 4 Life. Solving the issues that need addressed today, for the benefit of the people who are struggling.

Absent of the business success motive. Driven with the strength of experience and love for the neighbors. When service is performed in this manner, everyone gets what they need. Just as Steve thought in the beginning. This is the daily marching orders for everyone in Tech 4 Life. Customers need to expect this level of computer service and hold them accountable. Just like Festus would have!

Where We’re Going:

Everyone at Tech 4 Life sets out each day to help as many people who are wrestling with computer challenges as possible. We will focus on running the race that is set out before us. With Love, honesty, integrity and commitment to our neighbors we will succeed. Who’s our neighbor you might ask?

Anyone we come in contact with today is our neighbor.
If you’re reading this, welcome to the neighborhood!

Call us at (480) 488-0773 or EMAIL

Awards and Achievements:

2016: Business of the Year – Tech4Life

2016: Spirit of Carefree Award – Steve Woods

2013: Silver Spur Community Award – Steve Woods

2011: Entrepreneur of the Year – Steve Woods

The Tech4Life Team

Steve Woods
Steve WoodsFounder of Tech4Life Computers
Steve’s job is to take the resources God has provided Tech 4 Life out into the Community he has placed us in.
Alex Deuel
Alex DeuelHead Technician
Alex was the first employee of Tech 4 Life many years ago. He has a “gifted” understanding of operating systems of all types and loves board level technology. He recently earned an engineering degree at ASU. Stop by and you might catch a glimpse of a technologies future!
Patrick Consoni
Patrick ConsoniTechnician
Patrick grew up in Cave Creek and is a local technology wizard! His focus is on serving our business clients, servers and security. He has been with Tech 4 Life since 2015 and is sharing his Creeker Love with all of our community now.
Stephen Fluharty
Stephen FluhartyTechnician
Steve joined Tech 4 Life in 2016. He grew up in Carefree and loves our locals! He has been using Apple technologies since his childhood and is an excellent trainer. Look for him to rock your technology world very soon!
Darek Clark
Darek ClarkTechnician
Darek is from Wickenburg and joined the Tech 4 Life team in 2016. He enjoys working with residential and business clients to get more out of their technology through effective service and training.
Rachel Karls-Gomes
Rachel Karls-GomesWeb Presence Manager
Rachel Specializes in Website Design and Maintenance, Social Media and Online Marketing. She is a long time Cave Creek Resident and Enjoys Working With All Of Her Neighbors!
Jordan Machuca
Jordan MachucaWeb Designer
Jordan Assists in the Production and Maintenance of Websites, Web Graphic Design, Graphic Design, and Video Editing. He Came to Us Through The Internship Program At Cactus Shadows High School. He Now Attends Community College and Works At Tech 4 Life Part Time.
Judi Anderson
Judi AndersonBusiness Administrator
Judi enjoys greeting our clients on the phone and at the front counter to coordinate and schedule your service with our Techs. She has lived in Carefree for many years, and is enthusiastic about serving the community as a member of the Tech 4 Life team!

The Tech4Life Alumni

Mark Orabona
Mark OrabonaFormer Employee at Tech4Life Computers
Mark worked with Tech 4 Life clients for almost 3 years. He refined his excellent technical skills and has been able to advance to a job with the State of Arizona.
His current responsibilities include:
Maintaining and troubleshooting the health of server operating systems; Adding/removing user rights to folder shares; Provisioning users and user access rights to server and cifs shares; Adding and maintaining system resources to servers; Patching Server Operating systems; Upgrading server operating systems; Building test environments for sql servers; Rebuilding servers from Server 2008 r2 to Server 2012 r2.

He recently announced his wedding engagement and we are excited to see Mark rocketed into another dimension!