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Apple iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and Pad, Windows Phones and Pads

  •  Phones and Pads, Droid phones and  pads, most other personal devices (Laptops, net books, ebooks, pods and other smart phones). We are usage and integration experts!

  • Email / Contacts / Calendar strategies eliminate the need to plug anything into your computer and get everything, all the time, automatically!

  • 20 years of experience and strategic partnerships with Companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft  gives us the unique ability to integrate your needs and your systems seamlessly.

  • Computer Training – We are currently doing group training session on Windows, Picassa photo management, iPad and Android devices . We can do individual training tailored for YOU over the internet on YOUR computer!

  • Blue tooth Integration and music / information transportation. Your car supports it, why don’t you?

  •  On –Site or Remote Computer Support (through high speed internet to you) or over the phone assistance and training.

  • Buying Assistance and strategies for you, your spouse or your family.

    CALL US AT (480) 488-0773 or EMAIL