We Support Point of Sale (POS), Wi-Fi, Merchant Accounts and Devices.

Point of Sale systems are migrating to the cloud.   iPad or Android phones and tables are the most common devices.

All devices typically connect through a Wi-Fi network that needs to be reliable and secure.

If “roaming” devices are used for food or drink servers, Wi-Fi must be consistent throughout the floor area.

Tech 4 Life has been installing and supporting POS systems since 2003.   We have worked through many upgrades with our clients from old XP desktop systems to touch screens and now mobile devices.

The Buffalo Chip processes millions of food and drink orders every year throughout the restaurant and the bull riding VIP area.  Multiple fixed stations work with multiple hand held devices everywhere on the property, 7 days a week.    Tech 4 Life built the POS network, the public Wi-Fi network and the private business network.  Stop by and check out their system while you’re riding a bull!

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