Ransomware, Identity Theft, Password Hacking.

Small business owners and affluent households are the prime targets!

Know the facts:

  • There were 22 major public sector ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2019
  • Standard Wi-Fi routers now put you at major risks
  • Customized phishing emails and malware encrypt ALL your devices with ransomware
  • Strong, secure passwords are not optional, they are a must
  • Your workstation and devices (both PC & Mac) are the primary victims
  • Ransomware attack software is offered as a do-it-yourself service on the dark web
  • Any Internet connected device can infect you
  • Cities, airports, and even hospitals have already been attacked in 2019

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Evaluate Your Risk In 4 Key Areas:

  • Account Protection – Passwords, 2FA, password software and hardware storage
  • Data Protection – Ransomware, Off Site Backups, Email Encryption
  • Workstation / Device Protection – Personal Firewalls, Virus, Malware, Phishing Attempts
  • Network Protection – Security Gateways, Router Lockdowns, Unsecured devices

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