Trend Micro Security

Trend Micro is doing a MAJOR upgrade to its Internet Security!

We recommend Trend Micro for ALL devices ALL the time because of the radical increase in Cyber Security issues this year.  The software does a great job and is affordable.  These Cyber Security issues have caused Apple and Microsoft to both put out huge updates as well.

Trend Micro is now following suit with this update that requires the software to be uninstalled and re-installed to work.

Fortunately, they have done a fine job of automating this process and it is working well for everyone who sees it through.  It does take patience and a couple of reboots, but it does work.

We are sending the general instructions below to help you.   We have had many people complete this on their own.

We are scheduling ½ hour appointments ($59.00) with those who don’t want to deal with it.  On most computers it takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.


  1.  You will be prompted to approve the changes to get the newest version of your Trend Micro Software:  Trend Micro steps to update
  2. The computer will look for incompatible software either right away or after it reboots.
    NOTE: Every reboot takes time for the computer to load ALL of the start programs. Once all programs are loaded, THEN the installation program will load and continue the process.  This typically takes time and on older computers can take a couple minutes.
  3. It will usually find “Malware Bytes” software and want to uninstall it.  This is free malware software that we run manually if you ever get malicious software.  Answer “YES” to remove it.
  4. The computer will restart again and ask to remove the “old version” of Trend Micro.  Answer “Yes” to remove it.
  5. The computer will restart again.
    NOTE: We have had some computers restart twice here before starting the installation.
  6. The computer will start the new installation and ask you to confirm the serial number.  The number will already be filled in, just click to confirm it.
  7. Installation will continue showing a “spinning disk” while it sets up the configuration, then installs the software and completes with a “FINISH” button.Trend Micro update complete
  8. Trend will market some new items to you for browsers etc.  You do not have to pursue these now. You can if you desire, but your installation is complete.
  9. Reboot one last time to be sure everything is complete.