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Tech 4 Life Computers has been installing and maintaining wireless routers and building wireless networks since the original wireless inception.

Wireless Antenna Omni DirectionalWe have grown through wireless B, G, N and A standards along with almost every type of wireless router, wireless transmitter and wireless antenna made.

We provide wireless solutions for residential and commercial applications.   In fact, many of our residential wireless antenna bridgeclients enjoy commercial wireless equipment because it eliminates ALL of their wireless issues!

We have linked systems from Carefree, Cave Creek, Desert Mountain, Scottsdale, Desert Hills and Anthem to each other and to every internet provider possible.

We have built wireless networks that include wireless computers, wireless printers, wireless TV’s, wireless Radios, wireless Camera’s, wireless remote controls,  wireless personal devices and even wireless families.

We have “whole house” circular or directional wireless broadcast solutions, wireless bridges to eliminate the need for cabling and multi site solutions that will connect over miles.

We ALWAYS have residential routers in stock and can typically install them the same day you call.

We are not in the business of selling wireless hardware.  We ARE in the business of helping you leverage wireless technologies reliably and with ease.


If you are serious about wireless networking, or just have a problematic router, give us a call.

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