windows 10 upgradeWindows 10 is Working!

We will upgrade your computer to Windows 10 safely.   You get the Windows 10 software free if your computer is on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1

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You can carry your computer into our office between 9:00 am & 5:30 pm Monday – Friday

We will clean it up and (typically) have it back to you within 24 hours.

Or Call us and Schedule an On-Site appointment.

We Surveyed ALL of our 2015 clients 1/15/2015, 98% were “Very Satisfied”!

Computer Repair, Advice and Training, in our Carefree office,  On-Site, Remote through the internet or by Telephone.

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Computer Repair and Service 4 ALL Computer Hardware, Computer Software and Networks.

Country Doctor Service

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ON-SITE COMPUTER HELP- We repair, clean and support computers at your location

On-Site computer support through pre-scheduled appointments at your location, during our normal business hours.  Special computer needs and emergencies will be accommodated as our previously scheduled customers allow.  There is a $10.00 trip fee for all on-site appointments to cover your computer technicians travel expenses. This is paid directly to the Technician to cover their automobile expenses.  NO OTHER TRAVEL FEES OR HIDDEN FEES ARE EVER APPLIED!

REMOTE COMPUTER HELP- We fix, clean and support computers over the internet!

Remote computer support is performed on all PC and Apple computers through your high speed internet connection to your computer. This option allows us to be more responsive and flexible in scheduling computer appointments. We can fix computers ANYWHERE you are connected to the internet! So if you’re in Italy and your laptop software is acting up, we can repair it from here! This option also allows us to support our “Snow Birds” all year around and all our customers quickly. The only requirement is your ability to get onto high speed internet. Remote computer repairs are performed at our normal hourly rate in quarter hour increments with no on-site or extra charges.


Computer Repair



Computer Software changes every minute.

High speed internet allows automatic software updates, immediate downloads and instantaneous computer trouble. We “share the wealth” of our customers experiences each day. Tech 4 Life is constantly building more computer software knowledge and experience to help you plan, upgrade or face today’s update challenge.

We support All Microsoft and Apple computer operating systems. Our software experience ranges from the old DOS programs to today’s synchronized cloud apps.

 Understanding how to repair or fix your software problem is only part of our expertise. Combining centuries of software experience with current product knowledge allows us to create professional computer solutions that will work for you.

Your computer problem and our experience.

Country Doctor service at it’s best!

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We have been building and servicing Intel based computer hardware (PC and Apple hardware platforms) since the IBM XT came out in the early 1980’s. The first PC we built had an amber screen and 2 5 1/4″ floppy drives!

Tech 4 Life has grown with computers and understands the “big picture” of all of today’s hardware technologies. PC and Apple computers both run on the same basic hardware now. We can and will explain your computer options in plain old english so you can make intelligent, informed decisions!

We repair PC computers, apple computers, desktop computers, Laptop computers, iPads, iPhones, Android Smart Pads, Android Smart Phones and all peripheral devices.

If we can’t solve your computer problem directly, we will help you find a solution that will.

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 Your Computer Network can be 2 or 200 computers anywhere in the world!

Tech 4 Life’s unique combination of on-site, remote support and telephone assistance allows us to manage ALL of your compute network, ALL of the time. Network printer not working? We can access you remotely and see that it is out of toner! We will never compromise your network security to support you. In fact, our networks are among the most secure and integrated in the world!

Our computer network experience started when the concept of a “file server” was merely a dream! We grew up with older Novell, NT servers and now utilize cloud computing on a daily basis. Nothing is more valuable in networking than experience. NOTHING. If your I.T. person misses something it can compromise your entire business’s integrity. If your customers can’t trust YOU, how long will YOU be in business?

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We are a Carefree, Cave Creek owned computer support business. Our offices are located at 748 Easy Street in Carefree.  We employ Carefree and Cave Creek people. We support All of Desert Mountain, North Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Carefree, Cave Creek, Desert Hills, New River, Tramonto and Anthem areas.

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Protect your network or computer investment.

Special pricing and In kind donations are available to 501c non-profits and for community events. We have donations at the ready for your raffle or fund raiser as well! Contact us now to discuss your unique needs.