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Carry In Your Computer To Carefree Today!

Carry In Your Computer to Carefree Today! What Is Wrong? Drop your computer off at our office for professional diagnosis.  We will present you with all your options for resolution.   [...]

Carry In Your Computer To Carefree Today!2020-10-22T16:23:53-07:00

Tech 4 Life Celebrates SWEET 16

Tech 4 Life Celebrates 16 Years in Business! June 10, 2020 marked the 16th Anniversary for Tech 4 Life Computers & Websites.  Our team celebrated the SWEET 16 with [...]

Tech 4 Life Celebrates SWEET 162020-06-11T11:33:14-07:00

FBI Outlines Specific Extortion Scams During COVID-19 Crisis

April 20, 2020 Alert Number - I-042020-PSA Questions regarding this PSA should be directed to your local FBI Field Office. Local Field Office Locations: ONLINE EXTORTION SCAMS INCREASING DURING [...]

FBI Outlines Specific Extortion Scams During COVID-19 Crisis2020-06-01T15:46:11-07:00

Cyber Attacks Up 500% in 2019!

Imagine all your computers, tablets and data locked up with an encrypted password. The culprit wants $55,000, paid in bitcoin, to unlock them.   Your choice is to pay up or start [...]

Cyber Attacks Up 500% in 2019!2019-07-29T13:50:59-07:00

Thank You for 15 Years!

FROM THE OWNER - STEVE WOODS:   On June 2, 2004, I purchased the domain, setup my email account and stared at the empty inbox.  This is the entrepreneurial moment that [...]

Thank You for 15 Years!2019-07-29T13:51:07-07:00

Helping Veterans Stay Connected

We are thinking of the Veterans who have served our country and protected our freedoms, not just today but everyday. We have a new program shortly that helps Veterans stay connected. We [...]

Helping Veterans Stay Connected2019-07-29T13:51:14-07:00

Website SSL Certificates Now Required

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is required on ALL websites.  Every web site will show https:// before the web address ( instead of the old www. or http://. [...]

Website SSL Certificates Now Required2019-07-29T13:51:23-07:00

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