We support over 2,000 local folks and their technology needs through onsite, remote or carry-in appointments.

All of our technical work is performed through pre-scheduled appointments.   You can bring your device to us or we can physically come to your location.  For software or training issues, we can access your system remotely (with your permission, of course).

Our technicians are experienced, caring people who’s primary desire is to make technology work for you.  Each one has passed an extensive background check and are selected for their integrity before their technical abilities.

We support Windows, Apple, Android, Unix and Linux operating systems on ALL devices.

Our typical appointment is 1/2 hour as we consistently see all of the common challenges our clients face.  Longer appointments are usually due to unique challenges, upgrades or from multiple items.

Computer cleanups, virus evaluations,  hardware repair and upgrades, rebuilds and operating system upgrades are best performed in our office.   You can drop off your computer for our in-house technician to work on any time between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Verifiable non-profits (501c) receive 20% off all labor and free consulting 4 Life!

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