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Carry In Your Computer To Carefree Today!

Carry In Your Computer to Carefree Today! What Is Wrong? Drop your computer off at our office for professional diagnosis.  We will present you with all your options for resolution.   [...]

Carry In Your Computer To Carefree Today!2020-10-22T16:23:53-07:00

File Server Design, Support and Maintenance

Tech 4 Life Supports File Servers and Cloud Servers.  Microsoft Servers have been the standard for most businesses during the last century. Software companies have been migrating their software to [...]

File Server Design, Support and Maintenance2020-05-07T13:51:34-07:00

Cloud Storage Systems

Google G Suite, Apple iCloud, Microsoft One Drive and Drop Box Are All Cloud Storage Systems.  Cloud Storage is very simply defined as a place where your files are stored [...]

Cloud Storage Systems2020-06-09T16:26:47-07:00

Consulting and Budgeting for Businesses

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail in the Technology World! Tech 4 Life has been planning technical changes since the 1980's. We believe that the simple, but [...]

Consulting and Budgeting for Businesses2020-06-09T14:42:37-07:00

Regular Computer Maintenance Plans

Computer Maintenance Is No Longer Optional!  Updates Fix Security "Holes" That Hackers and Ransomware Programs Will Use To Infect You!  Security of Your Data And Your Identify Depend on Maintenance. [...]

Regular Computer Maintenance Plans2020-06-09T17:00:13-07:00

Point of Sale Design and Support

We Support Point of Sale (POS), Wi-Fi, Merchant Accounts and Devices. Point of Sale systems are migrating to the cloud.   iPad or Android phones and tables are the most common [...]

Point of Sale Design and Support2020-05-18T14:49:04-07:00

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters Happen All the Time! Just Having a Computer Fail Without A Backup Is A Disaster! Nobody likes to think about the risks of loosing their data, but it is [...]

Disaster Recovery Planning2020-05-18T14:48:24-07:00

On Site and Off Site Backups

Backup Your Data! On Site (local backups) and Off Site (disaster recovery backups). There Have Been 4 Rules Of Backup Since Data Was First Saved Electronically: Make A Copy -  [...]

On Site and Off Site Backups2020-05-18T14:47:41-07:00

Individual and Group Training

INDIVIDUAL & GROUP TRAINING Knowledge is key to working though your frustrations with technology.  Let us help you with that!  We offer training on ALL of your devices and also [...]

Individual and Group Training2020-06-12T14:38:19-07:00

Internet Selection and Support

What Are Your Internet Options? Cave Creek and Carefree Internet Options ... Cave Creek -  Folks in Cave Creek have more options today than ever before!   Most businesses on Cave [...]

Internet Selection and Support2020-05-18T14:46:22-07:00

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