Domains are the street address of your web presence.
They are critical to your digital success and are very affordable.

Register your domainCustom domains are as unique as a street address.  If any two were alike, your clients couldn’t find you!   This item is used EVERY time anyone visits your website, sends an email or clicks on a link in social media or newsletters.

You will speak this with your own lips more times than you can count over the life of your business.


The first test of a good domain is that you can say it easily over the phone.   If you can communicate it well, you are off to a good start.

Secondly, it needs to represent you.   If you want to sell widgets, you will likely find that is taken.  If you are only doing business in Arizona, you could be, for example.   This represents your business well and is still simple.

Finally, it needs to be at a major domain host.   Imagine loosing the street address of your building.  Your office was still there, but nobody could locate it.   This is what happens to your web presence if you EVER loose your domain.    Small businesses close down suddenly or get purchased.   Big businesses tend to be in the news if they are sold or closing.

Go Daddy Domains

For our clients, we typically recommend Go Daddy domain hosting.   They are big, local and affordable.  If something is going to happen to them, it will be on the local and national news and TV before your domain is in trouble.

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