Cyber Attacks Up 500% in 2019! Imagine all your computers, tablets and data locked up with an encrypted password. The culprit wants $55,000, paid in bitcoin, to unlock them.   Your choice is to pay up or start over. Sadly, this is 2019’s reality.


Don’t be a Cyber Crime victim.  Separate yourself from the pack by increasing your security … we’ll show you how.

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  • FBI Warns of fraud during Covid-19

FBI Outlines Specific Extortion Scams During COVID-19 Crisis

April 20, 2020 Alert Number - I-042020-PSA Questions regarding this PSA should be directed to your local FBI Field Office. Local Field Office Locations: ONLINE EXTORTION SCAMS INCREASING DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has seen an increase in reports of online extortion scams during the current "stay-at-home" orders due to the COVID-19 crisis. Because large swaths of the population are staying at home and likely using the computer more than usual, scammers may [...]

COVID-19 Cutting Through the Cybersecurity Noise — March 27, 2020

Mar 27, 2020, 1:09 PM (4 days ago) To: Organizations Cyber Distro Below and attached is this month's Noise. Important: If you need to contact me, please send an email to or Do not use the email address. I currently have no access to that mailbox. Thanks! 2020-03 -- AZ cyber threat brief presentation Take Action        Ensure you’ve closed ports 3389 (RDP) and 445 (SMB).  Attackers are actively scanning these ports as they know we’re working from [...]

  • File Server Design, Support and Maintenance

File Server Design, Support and Maintenance

Tech 4 Life Supports File Servers and Cloud Servers.  Microsoft Servers have been the standard for most businesses during the last century. Software companies have been migrating their software to the cloud for the last decade as well.   As a result, many of our clients have retired their local servers in favor of utilizing cloud software. For a small business local servers represent a balloon payment anytime they fail.   Emergency technical responses, backup / restore issues and hardware replacement [...]

  • Cloud Storage Systems

Cloud Storage Systems

Google G Suite, Apple iCloud, Microsoft One Drive and Drop Box Are All Cloud Storage Systems.  Cloud Storage is very simply defined as a place where your files are stored on a server out on the Internet instead of on your local device. You can access any cloud storage through any Internet connection at any time. All of these major manufacturers keep similar options.  Storage space, price and features compare and compete with each other.  We recommend ALL of [...]

  • Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters Happen All the Time! Just Having a Computer Fail Without A Backup Is A Disaster! Nobody likes to think about the risks of loosing their data, but it is real!  From computer hacking to natural disasters and just plain thievery, we see disasters happen daily. The first line of defense it to backup, backup, backup!   Just when you think you have backed up enough, backup again!  This is what we have to say about backup! Secondly you have [...]

  • On Site and Off Site Backups

On Site and Off Site Backups

Backup Your Data! On Site (local backups) and Off Site (disaster recovery backups). There Have Been 4 Rules Of Backup Since Data Was First Saved Electronically: Make A Copy -  Any copy, even on the same device in the same folder (with a different name) is a backup. Make a Copy on Another Device - Save the copy onto a USB stick, network storage or another computer. Get the Copy Off Site -  Cloud storage, email a copy, put [...]

  • Individual and Group Training

Individual and Group Training

INDIVIDUAL & GROUP TRAINING Knowledge is key to working though your frustrations with technology.  Let us help you with that!  We offer training on ALL of your devices and also on the programs you use daily. We have offered regular classes at the Desert Foothills Library since 2005 on topics such as iPads, Windows 10 and Social Media. Here are a few topics we can help educate you on: Email Internet Social Media Excel Quickbooks Phones Tablets Our cost [...]

  • Security Evaluations and Solutions

Security Evaluations and Solutions

Ransomware, Identity Theft, Password Hacking. Small business owners and affluent households are the prime targets! Know the facts: There were 22 major public sector ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2019 Standard Wi-Fi routers now put you at major risks Customized phishing emails and malware encrypt ALL your devices with ransomware Strong, secure passwords are not optional, they are a must Your workstation and devices (both PC & Mac) are the primary victims Ransomware attack software is offered [...]