Small Business Owner, Steve Woods, Awarded for Dedication to Community

CAREFREE, Ariz., (April 11, 2017) – At the April 11, 2017 Town Council meeting Mayor Les Peterson honored Carefree business owner, Steve Woods, with the fourth annual Carefree Spirit Award. The Spirit of Carefree Award, underwritten by Sanderson Lincoln, is an annual award given to a Carefree resident who shows above-and-beyond dedication to the community and its residents.

Steve Woods is proud to be an Arizonan with his business located in Carefree, Arizona. He owns and operates Tech4Life Computers, LLC, serving the area since 2003, specializing in computer consulting, repair, web sites, training and personal devices. The town was inspired to honor Steve and his business because of his strong work ethics and service to the business and non-profit community. Expressed on the Tech4Life website, his business is built on love, integrity, honesty and commitment to his neighbors. Steve promotes the phrase “Buy Local or Bye Bye Local”, to encourage residents to buy from their local businesses and support prosperity. Outside of the business he has given countless hours of undocumented service without asking for anything in return.

“I am sure they have the wrong guy,” shared Woods. “I have known some of the previous recipients and would not ever consider my contributions on par with theirs. I am grateful that the principles modeled to me by other godly leaders are impacting our community and any day I take action that loves my neighbor is a good day. I hope everyone comes to understand there is nothing more important for us to do with our lives than this.”

Carefree Mayor Les Peterson expressed the sentiments of the Town Council and a wide cross-section of Carefree businesses and residents when he stated, “We are fortunate and grateful to have Steve Woods taking such a positive leadership role through his Tech for Life organization in Carefree. Steve has provided much needed technical assistance in the computer and software areas to many residents and businesses in Carefree, including most of the local non-profit organizations where he has often worked on a pro bono basis. With a constant smile on his face and a wealth of technical expertise, Steve has always provided service to his clients above and beyond their expectations. Steve is a deserving recipient of the Spirit of Carefree Award.”

Woods is the father of two girls who spends his off time playing the guitar, hiking and being of service.