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Tech 4 Life Celebrates SWEET 16

Tech 4 Life Celebrates 16 Years in Business! June 10, 2020 marked the 16th Anniversary for Tech 4 Life Computers & Websites.  Our team celebrated the SWEET 16 with [...]

Tech 4 Life Celebrates SWEET 162020-06-11T11:33:14-07:00

FBI Outlines Specific Extortion Scams During COVID-19 Crisis

April 20, 2020 Alert Number - I-042020-PSA Questions regarding this PSA should be directed to your local FBI Field Office. Local Field Office Locations: ONLINE EXTORTION SCAMS INCREASING DURING [...]

FBI Outlines Specific Extortion Scams During COVID-19 Crisis2020-06-01T15:46:11-07:00

Trend MICRO Security Updates

Trend Micro is doing a MAJOR upgrade to its Internet Security! We recommend Trend Micro for ALL devices ALL the time because of the radical increase in Cyber Security [...]

Trend MICRO Security Updates2019-10-23T15:20:11-07:00

Ransomware Malware Cyber Security

22 Major Public Sector Ransomware Attacks in the first quarter of 2019 Standard Wi-Fi Routers Now Put YOU At Major Risk Customized Phishing Emails and Malware Encrypt ALL [...]

Ransomware Malware Cyber Security2019-07-29T13:56:16-07:00

Cyber Attacks Up 500% in 2019!

Imagine all your computers, tablets and data locked up with an encrypted password. The culprit wants $55,000, paid in bitcoin, to unlock them.   Your choice is to pay up or start [...]

Cyber Attacks Up 500% in 2019!2019-07-29T13:50:59-07:00

Thank You for 15 Years!

FROM THE OWNER - STEVE WOODS:   On June 2, 2004, I purchased the domain, setup my email account and stared at the empty inbox.  This is the entrepreneurial moment that [...]

Thank You for 15 Years!2019-07-29T13:51:07-07:00

Helping Veterans Stay Connected

We are thinking of the Veterans who have served our country and protected our freedoms, not just today but everyday. We have a new program shortly that helps Veterans stay connected. We [...]

Helping Veterans Stay Connected2019-07-29T13:51:14-07:00

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