Tech 4 Life, a local technology company, is the recipient of the 2016 Business of the Year Award by the Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce. The prestigious award is given to the Chamber member who is a shining example of giving back to the community that supports their business and helps the Chamber enhance the local business environment. Steve Woods, owner of Tech 4 Life, received the award at the Chamber’s Celebration of Excellence Awards ceremony on March 30.

Tech 4 Life was founded 13 years ago by Woods in the Desert Hills area, the same community where his father became a realtor 30 years prior. Woods adopted his father’s example of doing business by building relationships and applied it to technology services.

“I want to dedicate this Business of the Year award to my dad, Woody Woods,” said Steve Woods, owner of Tech 4 Life. “He had no idea years later his son would be walking into the homes of his clients. Yet hundreds of clients expressed their love and commitment to doing business with my dad, usually tying us together because of our last names. This truly became the foundation for our ‘Love your Neighbor’ commitment at Tech 4 Life.”

This award was a perfect opportunity for Woods to thank and honor the business ethic modeled by his father who passed away on April 24.

“My dad, ‘Woody,’ is well-known for having integrity and building long-term relationships with horse people in the Desert Hills area,” added Woods. “I realized you never know what one interaction with that one person today might bring tomorrow. It may impact someone in a positive way many years later, maybe even your own child.”

For more information on Tech 4 Life, visit or call 480-488-0773.