By your LOCAL Country Doctors! 

More than just a look at your SEO.   We deploy our suite of marketing analysis tools onto your site AND your competitors web sites.   Like blood work on your body, our team creates a written, in depth analysis of your web site.  Three major categories are addressed:

  • Web Site Health – We test and report on everything Google looks at to evaluate and measure your site.   Speed, missed opportunities, true errors and challenges your current web site is facing.
  • Search Engine Performance – Do you know EXACTLY how your site is performing against Googles top 100 keywords in your market?  Do you know where each of your lines of business ranks in a Google search?
  • Competitor Analysis – You will see the exact keywords your competitors are using and how your site matches up with them.

After gathering the facts we meet face to face for your “physical” review.   Our team of experts will review each area, answer your questions and give professional advice…just like your doctor.

We guarantee you will leave your “physical” with a complete understanding of your web sites total health.   You will also take printed and digital copies of our final report.

Chamber Complete Web Site Checkup

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