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FBI Outlines Specific Extortion Scams During COVID-19 Crisis

April 20, 2020 Alert Number - I-042020-PSA Questions regarding this PSA should be directed to your local FBI Field Office. Local Field Office Locations: ONLINE EXTORTION SCAMS INCREASING DURING [...]

FBI Outlines Specific Extortion Scams During COVID-19 Crisis2020-06-01T15:46:11-07:00

File Server Design, Support and Maintenance

Tech 4 Life Supports File Servers and Cloud Servers.  Microsoft Servers have been the standard for most businesses during the last century. Software companies have been migrating their software to [...]

File Server Design, Support and Maintenance2020-05-07T13:51:34-07:00

Cloud Storage Systems

Google G Suite, Apple iCloud, Microsoft One Drive and Drop Box Are All Cloud Storage Systems.  Cloud Storage is very simply defined as a place where your files are stored [...]

Cloud Storage Systems2020-06-09T16:26:47-07:00

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters Happen All the Time! Just Having a Computer Fail Without A Backup Is A Disaster! Nobody likes to think about the risks of loosing their data, but it is [...]

Disaster Recovery Planning2020-05-18T14:48:24-07:00

On Site and Off Site Backups

Backup Your Data! On Site (local backups) and Off Site (disaster recovery backups). There Have Been 4 Rules Of Backup Since Data Was First Saved Electronically: Make A Copy -  [...]

On Site and Off Site Backups2020-05-18T14:47:41-07:00

Individual and Group Training

INDIVIDUAL & GROUP TRAINING Knowledge is key to working though your frustrations with technology.  Let us help you with that!  We offer training on ALL of your devices and also [...]

Individual and Group Training2020-06-12T14:38:19-07:00

Security Evaluations and Solutions

Ransomware, Identity Theft, Password Hacking. Small business owners and affluent households are the prime targets! Know the facts: There were 22 major public sector ransomware attacks in the first quarter [...]

Security Evaluations and Solutions2020-05-28T17:18:07-07:00

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