Google G Suite, Apple iCloud, Microsoft One Drive and Drop Box Are All Cloud Storage Systems.  Cloud Storage is very simply defined as a place where your files are stored on a server out on the Internet instead of on your local device.

You can access any cloud storage through any Internet connection at any time.

Cloud Storage with Tech 4 LifeAll of these major manufacturers keep similar options.  Storage space, price and features compare and compete with each other.  We recommend ALL of these vendors at different times for different clients.  We do NOT recommend smaller cloud systems or deploying your own cloud hardware at home or your office.  Large vendors depend on strong security that a small business or individual hardware unit cannot maintain.   DO NOT RISK YOUR DATA!

Cloud storage systems are by nature an off-site backup.  If your computer is stolen, house burns down, etc., your data stays safe.

All of these systems have a synchronization software that will sync your data to a local device (like your computer or phone).   Some perform better than others depending on the device and / or the amount of data.

A major difference in vendors is Dropbox.   They are independent.   They don’t own an operating system or any other type of product like Google, Microsoft and Apple do.   Cloud storage and operation is their ONLY product.   Therefore it integrates with other platforms and devices the best.

Apple tends to have issues on Windows devices.   Windows products tend to have some challenges with Apple devices.   Google typically works well on all of them but is challenged by some Windows and some Apple products.

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